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Gemini Health

Gemini Dates: May 21 – June 20

Gemini Health:

The nervous system is that part of the body those of the sign of Gemini should look after as Gemini can be more likely to succumb to problems arising here. Gemini should also protect their hands, arms and lungs if astrological advice is to be followed. The fine mental balance of Gemini is easily noticed when we look at their daily lives – more than any of the other signs of the zodiac Gemini often displays open nervousness. Some say this is due to Gemini’s habit of analysing every single situation in which they find themselves and this can easily develop into an angst that affects their health as a whole. Gemini naturally tends towards the negative. This is yet another quality that Gemini often displays and it unfortunately implies that any real anxieties that Gemini does have can be made worse. In illness Gemini is said to easily slip into hypochondria and see little upsets with their metabolism as being much worse than they actually are.

Those of the sign of Gemini are advised to spend effort in looking after their lungs. Gemini should therefore avoid smoking tobacco and in fact Gemini would do well to stay away from any type of polluted atmosphere whenever possible. 

Due to this it is clear that big cities are not the best places for Gemini to reside as Gemini suffers more than most when exposed to the  various types of pollutants generally found in such built up environments. In this way, because the sensitivity of those parts of the body used in respiration, Gemini is regarded as being one of the signs most susceptible to the diseases of asthma and tuberculosis.

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